Issue 3 July 2015


A Queer Zine for the Cariboo and Where Ever We May Go

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A Collaborative Piece

It features some art, photography, and written works that hopes to inspire; our aim is to open dialogue on queer issues and celebrate some variety within a homogeneously gendered and "family-friendly" mindscape.

North 5 456 222
East 10U 489 906

Originally written for and in Quesnel BC with connections in Vancouver BC and afar. Issues can be found in some local cafes.

Quality Craftsmanship

Each issue is filled with handwritten words and detailed illustrations. Pages are carefully designed and printed at local printshops. Each issue is completed with sewn binding.

Support us

Please help support our project by either donating or purchasing a copy. Feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions and comments.

Now for random comments from the webdesigner

This website is clearly under construction.

I have to relearn how to program. So much has changed since 1999

I guess my talents for making moogles out of tables really doesn't mean anything anymore.

I really have nothing to do with the zine.